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DESCRIPTOR: Ralph Vary Chamberlin

Ralph Vary Chamberlin (1879 - 1967) was an American zoologist from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He received his PhD from Cornell University in 1904. He was a professor of zoology at Brigham Young University from 1908-1911, and at the University of Utah from 1925-1938.

He lived with the Gosiute Indians to study plants and wrote Ethnobotany of the Gosiute Indians of Utah.

He married Daisy Della Ferguson in 1899. He also later married Edith Simmons in 1922.

In addition to many of his scientific writings he was also the author of The University of Utah: The First Hundred Years.

Chamberlin described 77 genera and 1001 species from 1904 to 1958, 464 species and 38 genera of them together with Wilton Ivie.

He is the uncle of Joseph Conrad Chamberlin, with whom he described several species of pseudoscorpions.


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